Student housing alternative?

A client of ours just called asking about student housing near UBC and the cost of such. Suites are far and few between and are often in a lower basement with toddlers racing and banging above you. I suggested a 1 bed condo - but they can be in the $500k range. A detached house can be shared between 3 people but lot value can be $2+million. What if you take the Costco idea (Buy bulk and save!) and expand it to housing? Lets take a look to see if the numbers work!

For example this property on Acadia has 9 bedrooms + den, but with over 9000 sqft, this space could be better divided. What student needs a 28 x 16 foot bedroom (sounds more like 3 rooms to me!). Sauna - bedroom. Recroom - 2bedrooms and a study.A three car garage or three micro suites?? That's just the beginning. And all this on the edge of campus ! That big yard - Wedding venue! Sure there is the initial $9,800,000 price tag - but in the long run...this could be a sound investment!
Call us when you would like to make an offer ;)